About Us

Coogee Rover Crew is based in the eastern suburbs of Sydney that is open to all men and women aged 18-26 years old, that boasts a diverse activity program and group of people.

Coogee Rovers are both a social and adventurous crew, who place a high emphasise on embodying the Rover spirit of giving back to the community. Activities have included Dragon Skin, moots, hiking, canyoning, rock climbing, community clean up, volunteer work, movie nights, singstar, and laser tag, to name a few. We are self-sufficient and self-governing, and it’s each member’s responsibility to organise activities we wish to undertake - if there is something someone wants to do, they have access to the crew's resources and support to make it happen.

Our crew has a long history. It has gone through several different incarnations; and at one stage it was the district rover crew. Today, the crew is a strong one, with a passionate executive team and a group of close-knitted people. Our scarf is a white sheet with red Coogee Rover Embroidery.